1937 GMC
Here is a picture of it just after we got the
hood off and the grill out.
Here it is just after we got it into the shop.  My
mom is helping by cleaning out all the loose
dirt and cob webs.  (Thanks, Mom!)
Project 37:
This is a 1937 GMC.  It's going to be a ground up restoration.  First, I'm going to make sure the frame is straight then box it in for strength.  Then I
plan on building a custom X member for it.  I haven't decided yet on the engine, either a crate 572 Chevy or I might build something myself.
I'm going to make it into a roadster pickup. Take a wedge cut out of the top, and fabricate new front and rear fenders.  That should give you a little
bit of an idea of what I'm going to do.  So check back every once in a while to see how it's coming.  

The process you see below is the tear down.  
Here's a buddy of mine, Cory, and me after we got
all of the body mounts off and were ready to take
the cab off of the chassis.
Left: I'm taking the screws out that hold the
fender to the running board.
This is a picture of the inside of the cab.  
Originally the gas tank was under the seat.  
To get to it, you flip the seat up,open the cap
and fill it up.  I'm going to relocate the gas
tank and build a false floor so I can run all of
my wiring and anything else I need to through
there to give it a nice clean look.
Below:  Here are some pictures of the chassis from a couple of different
More pictures coming soon.