Airbrush Action magazine sponsors airbrush getaways a few times a year.    I attended one the first week in
October.  It was great, and I highly suggest anyone who is interested in learning how to airbrush or just
wants to learn some new custom effects attending one.  I took the intro to automotive graphics and
automotive graphics classes.  Some of my instructors were Craig Fraser, Ryno Templeton from Trick my
Truck , and Deborah Mahan.  They were all very helpful and taught me a lot.
Below are some pictures from the trip and links to our instructors websites.
Left: Craig, Deborah, Ryno
Right:  Craig and I
Left:  Ryno and I.
Right:  Ryno painting some flames.
Some of the guys at the hotel wanted to trick
out there fork left.  Our instructors used it to
show us how to transfer an image from one
side of a vehicle to another.  
Below are some of the projects that we painted.
Craig Fraser Got Paint
Ryno Templeton Blast of Air
Airbrush Action Getaway