Angel 1
Every project has to start somewhere.  This one started when I was at Wyotech.  Our streetrod teacher was going over some things the
first day of class and mentioned that we would get a chance to work on a project of our own later in the quarter, so we should start
thinking about what we wanted to do.  After looking though some magazines and drawing some rough sketches I came up with an idea.  
I wanted to build a trike for my daughter, but not just any trike would do.  I wanted one that would be both a testament to how much I love
my daughter, and also something that I could use as a learning tool.  The first reason is where the name comes from. ANGEL 1.  Now
keep in mind the sketches that you see are not going to be exactly what the trike looks like, they are just a starting point.  So I drew a
picture of the frame with a V-twin in it.  Yes, I said V-twin,  and I plan on having it run too, but I'll get to that later.
Here is a picture I drew of the frame.  You'll
notice that the frame has changed since I
drew the picture.   
Here is a picture of the gas tank that I drew
and then cut out to make sure it was going
to be the size that I wanted.
Here is the buck.  I used it as a hammer form
to help me make the gas tank.  It has many
complex curves.  
Here are all of the pieces for the front of the
trike.  I still have to make some gussets for it
and notch the tubing, then grind off the mil
scale and tig weld it together.
Here's a picture of my daughter and I working
on the buck for the down tube.  It is made from
two pieces of MDF ( medium density
fiberboard).  I then cut a piece of 1" sheet metal
and folded it around the buck.  I drilled 4 holes
for screws and inserted small metal tubes to
keep the holes from becoming egg shaped.  I
machined a dowel to stick in the holes that are
around the buck to hold the tubing in place.
Here is the buck in place ready to bend the
Above is a picture of me ending the tubing.  Below is a picture of the tube after it was bent.
In this picture you'll notice that I put a reverse
curve tear drop on the side.